Time for A Change

Well really, if you follow me here at all you might be asking when has is NOT been a time of change for you, Erika? In the last three years I've had a baby (my third), taught at four different schools (a university, two different grade schools, an art college) been raising my kids, built a studio, and continued to make the toys I love to make. I've planned and schemed and hustled to do the work that is important to me and to carve out a life for me and my family.

Despite my lack of posting here I haven't stopped making toys...not at all. In fact, I'm happier now than ever with the toys I'm creating and I want to present them in a way that feels consistent with my aesthetic sense. I'm moving away from selling toys on Etsy and have begun creating my own website to showcase and sell my toys. The new name of my business is Mini Pomme and in time I hope to be selling stuffed toys, dolls and other children's goods under that name. The name Mini Pomme is a nod to my home town and the place I live and work, Minneapolis (the Mini Apple). Pomme is the French word for Apple and I think it has a delightful round, kind of bouncy sound. I grew up learning French  in school and I suppose I just have a little love for all things française...I named my son François for goodness sakes!

The new shop will soon be stocked with a collection of my favorite toys. I have a few new designs that I'm very excited to make more of, but there will be some toys I've been making for years that I still love there too. I'll still be selling some jointed mohair animals but that will not be my main focus. I haven't been doing very many custom orders as of late but I imagine I'll do even less of that once the new shop is open. I've got some other goods in mind as well...stay tuned for that. My hope is to have the shop open for business sometime this summer. There are some fundamental things about my work that will remain the same: I'm still a one woman operation making each toy from start to finish in my little studio using the highest quality materials. My production will remain fairly small as I am also a teacher and mother to three.

My new website is www.minipomme.net. I also have a new Instagram account: you can follow me at mini_pomme to see updates on what I'm working on in my studio and such as I don't seem to be posting here much anymore. I'll still use Facebook as a means of communication as well.

This blog has meant different things to me at different times over the last many years. It was instrumental in sharing and selling the things I do and make, but more importantly it was a way for me to connect with an amazing group of like minded people from around the world. I hope I can bring you all along with me on this new path and look forward to making new connections too.

I'll just leave this blog here for now. I like it as a record of who I am as a maker and where I started. I'm proud of it and the work I've made. I've made all these toys (so many!) because I love making special things for kids to love and cherish. My kids and yours are my inspiration and my motivation, period.



Jarvie said...

Hi Erika,
Very exciting! My how the little one has grown. So sweet! I look forward to seeing your website evolve. Good luck with your new path and all the best for success.
Jarvie xo :)

Erika Olson Gross said...

Thanks so much Jarvie. Your support means a lot to me!