a bear for my boy

I made this bear for my son a little while back to celebrate his move up to first grade. I wanted to make something special for Jude that reflected the amazing person he is...so like Jude, this bear loves nature and drawing and collecting little treasures.

I have (yet another) new teaching job this school year but this time it's not temporary or adjunct or dependent on enrollment, it's just mine and I'm thrilled about it. I'm contemplating some changes for Fox and Owl...more on that later but I will say that I love making toys both for my own kids and others so very much...I'm NEVER going to stop doing this work.


Ms.Tips said...

Can you please adopt me and make me bears for every occasion? That backpack kills me!!! I love all the awesome details you add on to your animals!!!!

Erika Olson Gross said...

T-yep, you're in. I owe you a special you of course,whenever you are ready ;-)