elephant pile

Can you tell I like this pattern quite a bit? These have mostly been given away as gifts to some of my favorite kiddos but I'll be making more I'm sure. 


new pattern...an elephant!

I made this elephant for My little baby Fran├žois. It was inspired by a pink and white plush cat my husband had as a little boy. This toy is made of the most wonderful mohair and stuffed with lambswool. I used some vintage "moving eyes" with metal shanks for this guy but have since made a few more with more kid-friendly safety eyes. The pattern is really great to work with and it is such fun to try out different color combinations.
I think this elephant has a really great vintage feel...like a carnival prize toy...but classier of course ;-)

I'll show you the rest of the herd soon!


a bear for my boy

I made this bear for my son a little while back to celebrate his move up to first grade. I wanted to make something special for Jude that reflected the amazing person he is...so like Jude, this bear loves nature and drawing and collecting little treasures.

I have (yet another) new teaching job this school year but this time it's not temporary or adjunct or dependent on enrollment, it's just mine and I'm thrilled about it. I'm contemplating some changes for Fox and Owl...more on that later but I will say that I love making toys both for my own kids and others so very much...I'm NEVER going to stop doing this work.