four months later...

Our little baby Fran├žois is four months old already...how time flies! We've spent the last four months mostly holed up inside due to a terribly long cold winter, just smothering this baby with millions of kisses. Caring for three kiddos and my job take up a good deal of my time but I have had the chance to spend some little bits of time here and there in my studio which is such a treat. The bear is a new pattern I wanted to try out and may end up in my shop at some point. These baby toys are for my own little one and the new baby of a dear friend. My son Fran├žois likes his so much it inspires me to want to make more.
I've had so many inquiries about my toys lately which is wonderful but also really makes me wish I had more time to make them. I'm planning on doing another update this summer when I have a bit more time so check back here or on my Facebook page for more updates.