a narwhal for rosie

I love an excuse to design a new toy.  Happy Birthday Dear Rosie! (who loves narwhals)


summer vacation

Well it seems I have taken an extended summer vacation from blogging.  It's never my intention to let so much time pass between posts but somehow here we are in the very last days of summer!  My kids are enjoying their last days of summer fun before they head back to school.  After finishing up the school year teaching at St. Catherine University, I spent the summer making art with Kids at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  Now I've started a really exciting new job as the Art Teacher at a wonderful Montessori school.  I'm still working in my studio (painting, making toys) but because I'm teaching so much more I'm not able to produce as much work.  Most of the toys I've made lately are for family and friends (so many babies to make things for!) and I'm still not able to take on any custom work.  I'd really like to do a little holiday update again this year...I'll make a decision about that soon.  I don't want to let the toy making slip away because honestly, I'm happier than ever about the toys I'm making, I just can't produce what I was able to at one time.  I'll show you a couple new toys in my next post (soon!). 

Since I have some catching up to do here, I'll post another group of "Summer Snaps" to sum up what I've been up to:

1:  one of my last days teaching at St. Kate's 2-4: starting the summer off right with a family road trip to South Dakota (Mount Rushmore, The Badlands, Wall Drug) 5-7: Making art with 5-8 year olds at MCAD 8:  my studio with a few precious projects in the works 9:  berry picking in Wisconsin (18 lbs. of blueberries!!)