5 is fantastic

We had a birthday in out house today...our youngest is five years old!  I gave him a bear he's been wanting and I made him a little sewing kit too.  There were also some great dinosaur related presents as he's big on all things prehistoric at the moment, and a new obsession: Monchhichis.  I's good to have diverse interests, right?!  And check it out:  I got a FIVE year old to take a nap!


Jarvie said...

Oh, they are so sweet when they are sleeping! I'm sure he had a Happy day. My baby just turned 18. How did that happen? Enjoy them while they are young, they grow so fast! :)

Ms.Tips said...

Happy Birthday Jude!!!!!

Bahne (brother) said...

Happy Birthday from Bahne in Germany!
I hope you had a great day and I wish you a wonderful new year.