merry christmas to you

I've finally had a couple of day to make Christmas treats and put together little presents with the kids.  Ive been totally content hanging around the house this weekend making buttermints and peppermint maringues and these little ornaments from Purl to give as gifts.  I'm not sure I can say my boys have been quite as thrilled with the mellow weekend but they'll survive. There is so much excitement and anticipation around here about Christmas!

I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season.


roman's bear

He's a Black Bear from the Northwoods and he belongs to a very sweet boy (with amazing parents).


thank you

Thank you all...for supporting my work by buying it, sharing it and saying kind words about it.  It is always such an amazing feeling to fill up my shop with my toys and get such a great response.   Lots of things got snapped up right away but there are still a few things left including this bear which might be my favorite new toy. (By the way, I'd like a pair of pajamas just like these for Christmas, please.)  My work is not done yet as I still have a couple custom orders to finish up and a couple little presents to make before Christmas. The semester is winding down now too and soon I'll be enjoying a much needed break.  I'm not able to take on any custom work right now and I'm not sure when I will again.

I'm headed to the post office with your orders tomorrow as long as I can make my way through the snow.  We got somewhere around 10" of it today so it seems we will have a white Christmas here after all!

Also, apologies for not getting the work up on my site at exactly noon on Saturday.  I learned something:  While the i-phone Etsy app makes it really easy to do business on the go, reception from inside the family locker room at the YMCA just doesn't cut it!


the holiday update!

Now in the shop...


another peek (and some info about the update)

I'm getting excited about this update.  It's been so long since I did one...it feels good to finally be able to stock up my shop.

I've had a few questions about the update and about buying from Etsy so I'll try to address some of them:  I'll add everything I have to offer for the update to my shop at noon (CST) on Saturday.  Nothing will be sold before then.  You can now pay with either Paypal or credit card in my shop.  If you see something you know you'd like to purchase, it's probably smart to put it in your cart and check-out right away.  Until you actually go through the check-out process someone else can still buy it.  If you to go back to my shop and buy any additional items I can adjust the shipping for combined items later, no problem.  I do ship overseas.  I use USPS priority shipping with insurance unless otherwise noted.

In between swimming lessons, violin recitals and other going-ons I'll be checking in on my shop messages and also my email all weekend so I can answer any additional questions. I hope you find something you like!


there will be brooches

I'm going through photos tonight for the update on Saturday.  I'm feeling pretty clever for getting the pictures taken outside on Monday during a very small window of time in which it was both sunny and unseasonably warm.  That may not happen again for about five months! 


on the shelf