little details (another peek)

Things are shaping up in the studio this week.  I love fussing over the little details!  Thank you so much for your concern and well wishes;  it is very much appreciated and we are all okay here. 


sneak peek

My studio table is a mess right now which is good...it means I'm back at work.  Custom Christmas orders and work for the update on December 8th are coming along. 

My family and I had some tough stuff to deal with over the past couple of weeks and taking care of myself and them was my only real priority; everything else had to take a backseat.  For any of you who may be waiting for an order that is a bit late or an unanswered email, I apologize.  I'm still here.


little black cat

This little kitty is one of the projects I finished lately*.  There have been other projects too, but not as many as I had hoped.  These past two months have been a bit rough around here mostly because either I or my kids (and often all of us) have been sick.  I have lots of work that needs my attention...custom orders, drawings, a pile of grading, not to mention our first Thanksgiving Dinner planning.  Oh boy.  It WILL all get done but these next several weeks are sure to be intense.  I have so many things I have wanted to show you here...I'll try to do better with that too!

* This cat was a custom order and will not be in my update on December 8th.  Other cats will be available though!