shop update!


I'll be updating my Etsy shop with a small selection of toys on Saturday December 8th at noon (CST).  It will not be a very large update but if you were hoping to buy a little something special for the holiday season but didn't get on my custom order list this is your chance!  There will be a couple of bears, some kitties, some small stocking stuffers and whatever else I have time for/strikes my fancy. 


frankie magazine feature

Something exciting showed up on my doorstep yesterday...the 50th issue of Frankie Magazine featuring a nice picture of one of my toys and some very kind works from Frankie.  I'm thrilled to be included in such a beautiful and thoughtful and thoroughly stylish magazine.  Thank you, Frankie!  Yet another reason to love Australia!


black velvet swan

Did you remember that the newest toy is almost always my favorite?  I'm totally pleased with myself over this swan if you want to know the truth.  It's a present for a special little boy. (Not this one in the picture although he wants one too.)


baby rabbits

A new version of my Waldorf-inspired baby toy.  This body type is still made of gorgeous organic Japanese cotton gauze and it has a layer of organic cotton batting inside.  These are both spoken for but I do plan on making more.