custom orders update

I've had a nice amount of interest in my toys lately and I'm very grateful for it.  I have been so focused on my various teaching responsibilities lately I haven't been "out there" much with my toys yet the orders keep coming...I don't understand it, but thank you!!  I'm afraid I have had to stop taking custom orders for the time being.   I'm all filled up with orders for Christmas now, and I'm not sure yet beyond that.  I truly hate to have to say "no" to anyone who asks me to make them something special but I'm only one woman and I have to be careful not to take on way too much.

I am planning a small update sometime in early December.  I will definitely keep you posted here and on Facebook about that.  These three little kitties will be in the next update for sure and I hope some new things as well.


Bahne said...

No wonder you get so many orders;-)))
There is although easter coming up "shortly" after x-mas. Wouldn´t it be fun if the bunny brings one of your little puppies instead of Santaclaus.

love Bahne

Dorothea said...

"long time reader, first time commenter" here. Your things are so adorable and whimsical it is no wonder they are in such high demand! Could it be all the exposure on Pinterest? That's how I found my way here. :)

Erika Olson Gross said...

Hi Dorothea! You know, you may just be right about Pinterest. I find so much to love there myself.

The Peppermint Tree said...

I was just wondering where do you get the eyes for your bears/rabbits. Do you buy them or make them?

Erika Olson Gross said...

Hi PT! I use all kinds of buttons and things for eyes...mostly vintage. These are old shoe button eyes that have been painted. You can find shoe buttons on ebay or etsy!