custom orders update

I've had a nice amount of interest in my toys lately and I'm very grateful for it.  I have been so focused on my various teaching responsibilities lately I haven't been "out there" much with my toys yet the orders keep coming...I don't understand it, but thank you!!  I'm afraid I have had to stop taking custom orders for the time being.   I'm all filled up with orders for Christmas now, and I'm not sure yet beyond that.  I truly hate to have to say "no" to anyone who asks me to make them something special but I'm only one woman and I have to be careful not to take on way too much.

I am planning a small update sometime in early December.  I will definitely keep you posted here and on Facebook about that.  These three little kitties will be in the next update for sure and I hope some new things as well.



I made this dog for a friend (in trade) a little while ago but never posted pictures.  I hesitated a bit because this toy was to look like a beloved pet and while I was happy to do it for my friend, it's not something I think I want to do again.  It's too much pressure to get it just right.  I think Ginger turned out well and it was a fun challenge (once I got over my fear of failure and just went for it) but I will probably not be taking any orders for custom pet-inspired work.

Speaking of homages to pets, check out these fabulous pet portraits by my friend Jennifer Davis



My kids go back to school tomorrow!