free time

There was a party in my studio the other day.  Soon school will be back in session and our days will be much more structured.  I'm starting a new teaching position this fall so I'm very busy now finishing up my syllabus and preparing slide lectures.  I'll be making toys a bit this fall, but not as much as I have in the past perhaps.  I already have a pretty full list of custom work to do for Christmas, believe it or not.  I may have just a spot or two left so email me if you want to get on my list. 



We just got back from another amazing camping trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota.  It's magical there.  I have a million pictures but these were just a few that caught my eye today as I started the big task of going through them all.  I'll share some more another time.  There was a very distinct fall-like chill in the air up north and now we are feeling it here in Minneapolis too.  Summer is slipping away.  It's been such a good one.


a boy doll (finally)

I'm so happy I finally had an opportunity to make a little boy doll.  When I developed my doll pattern I wanted to make it work easily as either a boy or a girl but I had never actually made a boy before this guy.  I also adjusted the pattern a bit for this doll to make him a little smaller as he is to be the little brother of a doll I made a couple years ago.  And as you can see this boy is extra special because he has glasses!  I was somewhat doubtful that I'd be able to pull this part off but I'm glad the lovely customer I was working with asked me to do it because it was a fun challenge.  As a glasses wearer myself I know how nice it is to have a couple of pairs to choose from so this guy has orange specs too. 

Happy Birthday, C!  I hope you love your new little friend.


the desert

My sister and I and our families just got back from a wonderful trip to New Mexico.  It was such a treat.

Summer feels like it's slipping away but we have a lot to look forward to in August too.  Next up:  Camping Up North!  I have a project I'm working on in my studio today.  I haven't been able to work in my studio a bit for the last several weeks because of my hectic teaching schedule so it feels really good to be making something in there today.