Tomorrow is my last day of teaching for the summer.  I'm too exhausted to even tell you more about it but take a look at some of the robots the kids (ages 5-7) made last week!  I have so many more images to show you but no time to go through them.  This week the theme is sports (art inspired by sports, that is) and I've had a great group of kids, once again.  Wait until you see their team mascot heads...you are going to go crazy.


light grey

My work is being featured along with 17 other artists in a show at Light Grey Art Lab that opens this Friday here in Minneapolis.  Here's a link to the blog post from Light Grey with a few sneak peeks! 


summer snaps 2

1.  stormy summer sky    2.  lost front tooth!    3. drawing the Ed Emberley way    4.  Go Giants!    5.  animal boats from my last class


special one

I recently finished up this little bear for a couple who is awaiting their first child.   He is a great example of why it's so important for me to keep my toy making open ended when I'm doing custom work.  I had different plans for the type of eyes I was going to use and the fabric for his little overalls too. After trying a few different options I just fell in love with him like this; with his little glass eyes and yellow outfit.  It's so nice to have that kind of freedom when I'm making something for a customer and I'm going to make it a point to always keep my custom work open like that.

It's been hard to get much done this week as we have been battling record temperatures here in Minneapolis.  I think I've decided that this needs to be my last heat wave sans air-conditioning.  It's really been kind of rough.  We finally have some slightly cooler temperatures coming.

I'll be really busy teaching for the rest of the month but I'll try to post more of pictures of the project we do:  Thank you for all your kind comments about the island projects!