summer snaps

I saw a little photo book at an antique store not long ago that looked like it had belonged to a kid.  It had some random pictures inside of friends and houses and what looked to be summer camp.  On the cover it said "SNAPS!" 

Here are some summer snaps from me and my crew:  An afternoon at the pool, Sailor the parakeet and our summer ride, my 1966 Volvo 122.


welcome to my world

As promised, images from my first summer art class; Welcome to My World.  We took inspiration from children's literature (think The Little Prince, Where the Wild Things Are) and created mixed media islands.  The projects were all  A M A Z I N G  and we had so much fun.  The kids were all such a delight to work with and I've never been in the midst of so many missing front teeth in my life which is out of control adorable!



Well, I did it again.  I let a bunch of time slip by without a post!  These last few weeks have been action packed and I have good reason to believe the rest of the summer will be pretty much the same.  I was thinking (unrealistically I realize now) that I could maybe do an update early in the summer but that will have to wait...maybe in late summer.  This is the most recent bear I made.  It's for my son Oscar to celebrate his "Flying Up" to the first grade.  It has leather pads (the first time I've done that) and I cut the pattern out free-hand so there can never be another one just like him.  I'm so filled with pride for Oscar and his achievements; he's reading and writing like a pro, but more importantly he's a really good and interesting person.  I love that kid.

I just finished my first week of summer teaching...two groups of 14 5-7 year olds a day for a week!  It was crazy and fun and exhausting and I'll show you some images of their work next time.  Now I have a couple weeks to catch up on some very special custom projects that have been waiting in the wings.  They can't wait any longer however because they are both for babies who will be born SOON!