cat's pajamas

I found this gorgeous (homespun?) vintage flannel a while back and it inspired me to make a new toy pattern.  I couldn't resist making a cat in pajamas with this super soft material.  I've made a couple different versions of it and I'm hoping to make a few more kitties to include in my next update.  The first one I made as a kind of prototype was absolutely silly.  It's head was too small and it's body was somehow both fat and long!  Happily my son Jude fell in love with it and so despite it's less than perfect physique it has found a home.  I'll show it to you sometime.


in my collection

These two toys are part of my own collection and live permanently with me in my new studio.  I took some images of them today for possible inclusion in a local exhibition.  After finishing a round of custom orders I'm also taking some time right now to develop a new toy or two and get started on some small drawings. 

I'm planning to do an update in my Etsy shop sometime in the next month or so too.  Look for details about that here and on Facebook soon.


happy boy's day!

(image via here)


in bloom

Happily, a good portion of out backyard garden remained in tact despite our major backyard overhaul.  We have been getting some much needed rain here and spring flowers are blooming!  I've got a lot of places that need plants in our newly configured yard and I have a plan.  I'm going to the Friends School Plant Sale at the State Fairgrounds this year for the first time and I'm both excited and a little terrified;  It's apparently pretty intense.  I'm not generally a fan of big crowded events but I'm going for it so wish me luck.  I hope I don't get trampled by overly enthusiastic plant-lovers!