nice and easy

Sine we had sixty (60!) valentines to make for the boy's classmates this year I decided to take the fast and easy approach.  I've done more elaborate valentines with Oscar in the past and they turned out well but honestly, despite their rather humble appearance I think like these the best.  They are sweet and silly and kind of sloppy and the kids had tons of fun making them.  Done.


two mice

These are the last toys I made before I dismantled my former studio:  two mice for my boys for Christmas. The new studio continues to slowly take shape.  We are doing the floors this week, painting hopefully next week.  It's so hard to devote the time to getting it done when there are a million other things that need our attention all the time (two very special little ones in particular).  This is such a busy time I often wonder when I'm even going to get in there to work once the studio is finally done.  Time is moving so fast these days...isn't there anything that can be done about that!?