mouse nap

Jude adopted this mouse I  made for a little-Christmas-something I'll be adding to my shop soon.  When he saw it he said "oh!  Is that for me?!"  and looked at me with his big beautiful eyes in such a hopeful way.  Of course I had to tell him it was for him!  The sight of him napping with his little mouse makes having to make an extra totally worth it.  I'm so happy he still likes soft cute toys.


* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

Such a beautiful capture!!!

*heart melting*

Evie said...

nawh that is so adorable, how could you not! i look forward to seeing what it you are working on those - once you've made a secong : )

Lucinda said...

So cute!!!! Baby sloths couldn't make this photo cuter :)