goodbye to 2011

H   e   l   l   o       2   0   1   2



I'm 37 today. 

We have a busy day full of a little travel, family, food and lots of presents of course.  I gave myself a present and started the day with a run.  I started running this past summer and it's one of the very best things about this past year for me.  

Happy Holidays to you all! 



As you may have noticed by now, the newest toy is almost always my favorite.  I'm pretty sure that says something about me but I don't feel like exploring it at the moment!  I was asked to make a bear for a project (more later once it becomes more concrete) and I took the opportunity to draft a new pattern.  I sometimes name my patterns after an event or an occasion for which I am creating them like "Heath" or "Renegade".  This pattern is called "The Last Bear".  I guess I was feeling at the time like it might be the last one.  Once I made the bear however and I was so pleased with it I realized it's pretty unlikely this will be the last pattern (or bear) I make.  I love it too much to ever really stop.  I told you this studio move has got me feeling pretty transitional over here!  I'm done with my orders now and spending this time before Christmas turning my dining room (my former studio) back into a dining room, making presents and doing little Christmassy projects with my boys.  It feels good.

Once again, this fabric was given to me by a friend.  Thanks T.T for this amazing pink wool hounds tooth!  What timing!


rabbit friend

I just made two new Rabbit Friends...one as a custom order and another to put in my shop.  This time I made them with some gorgeous vintage velvet a friend gave me.  I just put this Rabbit Friend in my shop!

Thanks to GR for the fabric!


special one

I've been working away on custom orders this past week.  This is a bear I made for a dear customer who'd been dreaming of him for quite some time.  It's a pattern I hadn't used in ages but I'm so happy I had the chance to work with it again...I love it.  This guy ended up with such a good personality I think, I was a little sad to see him go but so very happy to hear how happy his new owner (well, owner's mom I guess!) is with him.  I made another bear this week that I'm pretty excited about too...I show you that one next time.

I've stopped taking custom orders now and I'm trying hard to finish up all my toy obligations in the next couple of days.  It will be a while before I'm able to make work again.  I've started packing up all my stuff for the big move to the new backyard studio.  It will be a month or so before the space is completely finished and set up for working which is good because I feel like I need some time to really think about how I want to use the new space.  It's a big time of transition around here.


the tree

It was the perfect snowy evening to get our tree.  We are lucky...there is a place around the corner from our house that has a Christmas tree lot each year.  We opted for the "Charlie Brown" tree this year meaning that it's kind of sparse and skinny (and cheap, which is good too).  I like a tree like that, it looks very old fashioned to me.

I'll be sharing my so-called studio with the Christmas tree for the next week while I finish up some custom work and a few presents.  Then I'm packing it all up and moving it into my very own brand new studio attached to our garage which is just about done!


in the shop

I've put two of these Mouse in a Stocking Ornaments in my shop.  The mouse is removable and the stocking is made from wool felt.  It's trimmed with pretty vintage buttons, wool felt greenery and a paper banner that reads Merry ChristmasThere are two available! One left!


mouse nap

Jude adopted this mouse I  made for a little-Christmas-something I'll be adding to my shop soon.  When he saw it he said "oh!  Is that for me?!"  and looked at me with his big beautiful eyes in such a hopeful way.  Of course I had to tell him it was for him!  The sight of him napping with his little mouse makes having to make an extra totally worth it.  I'm so happy he still likes soft cute toys.