cat's pajamas

You know what's fun?  Going out with friends on the weekend...at night!  I hardly ever have a chance to do it and this Friday was extra sweet because I got to hang out with my friend Tammy who took me to a big vintage sale at the State Fairgrounds.  I've never seen so much vintage all at once...it was like a dream. 

I've mentioned Tammy before, she's the one with the fabulous vintage shop on Etsy Ms Tips .  She is pretty much the most lovely and put together person I know.  She was wearing a vintage silk scarf in her hair that night that was so perfect, it kind of inspired me to try to do more fun stuff with my hair since I have kind of a lot of it but it always just ends up in a messy bun like, every single day.  I'm thinking a Ms. Tips guest post and hair tutorial is in order.

Get a load of that calendar in the second picture!  We wanted to peek and see what was under the calendar (who wouldn't?!) but she was wrapped in plastic.  What a tease.


Ms.Tips said...

yay!!! Wasn't it fun??? It was a special night to hang out with an old friend who understands my vintage obsession! Next up...a vintage buying trip w/ or w/o kids+husbands:)

carolina said...

do you think you could convince her to put that awesome horse purse in the shop? ;-)