Happy Halloween!



lost tooth!

Oscar lost his tooth last night!  Sadly, he actually LOST it...I think he might have swallowed it.  He was really disappointed about that but I suggested he draw a picture of it and write the tooth fairy a little note (thanks for the idea, Tammy!)and that seemed to make him feel pretty okay about it.  I think his note is even more precious than the actual tooth.  He made up a word:  frstooth= first tooth.  

Thanks so much for the kind words about tooth buddy.  It feels so good to make something new and different and get a positive response from you.


loose tooth

Oscar has his first loose tooth and I mean it is  l  o  o  s  e !  I took a little time away from custom work this morning to make him this tooth buddy with a li'l tooth/money sack. I'm excited to give it to him but I think I'll wait until his tooth actually falls out which should be very soon...unless he's one of those kids that lets the tooth hang on by a thread for like, days and days.  Gross!



G   h   o   s   t        B   e   a   r


lamb's ears

Jude thought it would be funny to make some lamb's ears for himself out of two leaves from the "lamb's ear" plant in our garden.  Just for laughs.  Good one Jude!


new friend in the toy cupbord

A Play Rabbit with pink pants!


vintage shop update

I just updated my vintage shop Fox and Owl Vintage with a few new items including this amazing kid's Halloween cape!  I'm sorry to say that my own kids found ratty lycra superhero costumes at the thrift store that they are VERY excited about so there will be no charming home made or vintage costumes for them this year. 


cat's pajamas

You know what's fun?  Going out with friends on the weekend...at night!  I hardly ever have a chance to do it and this Friday was extra sweet because I got to hang out with my friend Tammy who took me to a big vintage sale at the State Fairgrounds.  I've never seen so much vintage all at once...it was like a dream. 

I've mentioned Tammy before, she's the one with the fabulous vintage shop on Etsy Ms Tips .  She is pretty much the most lovely and put together person I know.  She was wearing a vintage silk scarf in her hair that night that was so perfect, it kind of inspired me to try to do more fun stuff with my hair since I have kind of a lot of it but it always just ends up in a messy bun like, every single day.  I'm thinking a Ms. Tips guest post and hair tutorial is in order.

Get a load of that calendar in the second picture!  We wanted to peek and see what was under the calendar (who wouldn't?!) but she was wrapped in plastic.  What a tease.



I have a small collection of vintage/antique toys and these are some recent additions.  There is no real rhyme or reason to my collecting, I just find things from time to time that I feel I can't pass up.  The beaded teething toy I got last summer at an antique store in northern Minnesota.  It cost almost nothing and is one of my favorite objects EVER.  The black and white mouse is a character from a early American comic strip called Krazy Kat.  His name is Ignatz and I found him on Etsy.  The hedgehog is a Steiff I got at a crazy place here in Minneapolis called the Cottage House.  I had the funniest conversation with the woman I bought it from... she said:  "Did you know hedgehogs are like, HUGE in Russia?"  And I was like "Really!?  I had no idea!!" ...thinking she meant that they were very large but really she just meant that they are a very popular animal there.  Well, let me tell you we had a pretty good laugh over that one.


Birthday Bears

I'm sorry, but I'm NOT currently taking orders for custom Birthday Bears.  These bears are 10.5" tall and made of a perfect golden mohair with ivory colored wool felt pads.  They are stuffed with excelsior (wood wool) and are fully jointed with cotter pin joints.  They have old shoe button eyes that are backed with wool felt.  Each bear wears a hand knit sweater made of the softest marino wool in the color of your choice.  The sweater is finished with vintage buttons at the shoulders and is removable.  I'll also make your bear some little pants made of pure wool and a party hat for the big day.  Your bear will come with a birthday present of his/her own...a tiny vintage inspired handmade wooden bead toy.  Finally, in addition to the information card that details the materials used for each toy I make, your special birthday bear will come with a small personalized card made of gold paper with the birthday number on the front that coordinates with the party hat.

Colors available for your hand knit sweater are:  peach, variegated aqua, creme with black and gray specks, fuschia, and lavender.

This is a truly special gift... A bear to grow up with.  The cost for each bear is $260.  The current waiting period for your special bear is 8 weeks.  I have a limited amount of this mohair so when I run out, this particular bear will no longer be available.  There is a $60 deposit to place you on my custom bear list.  The remaining $200 can be paid all at once once the bear is done or you may make payments over time.  The full amount must be paid before the bear ships.  Shipping is with priority mail with insurance and is $14.

About toy safety:  It's up to you to determine whether or not this is an appropriate toy for your child.  It has button eyes and small parts inside (the jointing mechanisms).  The small beaded toy is certainly not appropriate for a very young child and it along with the party hat are to be considered decorative.  Please feel free to ask me questions about my own opinions and experience with toy safety...as a mom of two young boys (who have several of my toys) I have a lot to say on the topic!

Please email me for more information or to order your Birthday Bear at:  foxandowltoys@gmail.com


prims magazine feature

 I was sent a copy of the new issue of Prims Magazine in the mail a few days ago.  My toys got a beautiful four-page spread in it.  I got to write a little bit about my process and inspiration in the article which I've never really done before.  I got the three toys that were photographed back too.  The little ivory bear will be in my shop soon.  The mouse is spoken for and I think I'll hold on to that black bear for a bit.

I've been working on a few custom orders over the last month or so and have some more to do before the holidays- which suddenly seem not so far away.   Last year at this time I ran myself kind of ragged making as many toys as possible because of the Martha Stewart Living feature.  I'm not sure what I'll be making for Christmas-time this year but it will most certainly be different from last year.  As usual I have tons of ideas about what I'd like to be making and not nearly enough time to do it all. 

Thank You, Prims!