one last look

I took a moment to take a few pictures inside our old garage last week.  I loved these old movie posters on the walls, and the wood was so dark and lovely.  Of course it had it's problems:  mainly that it was tiny and falling apart.  So that's why...

We had it demolished!  

As you can imagine it was a very exciting day here.  This week the foundation will be poured for our new garage & studio!  Yeah!


misako mimoko said...

oh!! Erika, but it was so lovely!!
well, hope you enjoy your new studio!! that's exciting!! :D

I forgot to tell you that one of my friends visited you at the Renegade! http://clubazul.blogspot.com/2011/09/crafty-old-days.html
how I would love to meet you too!! I've asked her to show me the little rabbit she bought ;)
Can't wait to have it in my hands!!!
have a lovely week!!

kristin said...

studio??that will be wonderful!

Ampersand Commodities said...

the posters are awesome! i hope your new studio is fantastic!