on her radar!

Something exciting came in the mail for me:  Bex from Stuffed Nonsense was kind enough to send me this clipping from the London ObserverOn My Radar:  Donna Wilson's Cultural Highlights.  There's my logo, right there in the center along with mentions of Misako Mimoko and Lili Scratchy!  What an amazing honor to be mentioned by Ms. Wilson who's work I very much admire along with those two talented women.  I'm blushing. 

See Donna Wilson's work here and read her blog here .


Jo said...

Thats why im following your blog.

MALINIK said...

Ina :)

lili scratchy said...

I did'nt know !...
Thank you for this good news !..

KCoskran said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Erika Olson Gross said...

Thanks everyone! L.S. I'm so happy I could give you the good news! Tell Eva too!

lili scratchy said...

I'm going to write her !!!
so nice!!

misako mimoko said...

WOW!!!! Lili told me!! Thanks for sharing Erika!! :D
I'm blushing too, it's really gorgeous to be mentioned with you and Lili.

Love Donna's work too :)

have a lovely weekend!!

Evie said...

oh so wonderful. congratulations x