north woods

Benji's parents (my in-laws) took us to their favorite camping spot, in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota last week.  It was our first time camping in the Boundary Waters, and our first time doing any real camping (not car camping) with both boys.

This area of the Boundary Waters experienced a big fire just a few years ago.  It's truly an awesome experience to see it just a couple of years later, the burnt tree trunks still standing but so much new growth coming up.  The weather was so nice up there:  a little cool and cloudy, with bits of warm sun during the day.  The nights were perfectly chilly (the best!) and we could hear wolves talking to one another each night. 


kristin said...

beautiful photos Erika! The BWCA has always been a favorite trip of mine

Anonymous said...

Kristin is right, this collection of photos is great! And don't you just love that north wood's scent!

KCoskran said...

Great pictures--I especially love the one of the four of you on the rock--perfect!