back to school

Oscar went back to school today.  This was the most relaxed and happy looking expression I could get out of him;  not the photo I was hoping to get perhaps, but it is true to life.  He's happy to go back I know, but he worries too. Jude starts next week.  He really wanted to start today too but the youngest kids get phased in after the returning kids settle in a bit and learn how to be gracious and courteous to the new little ones in their class.

Each child in the Children's House get to bring a plant on their first day to put in the classroom.  Contributing something to the room, and being responsible for caring for it is a nice transitional tool for entering (or re-entering) the classroom at the start of the year. Such a smart idea.

I have so many pictures of summery things I meant to post here and never did.  I think maybe a Summer Photo Leftovers Montage is in order!


Anonymous said...

Great idea with the plants - and BRILLIANT to send him with a cactus! And just look at that adorable outfit!

Mary Daniels said...

This is a great back to school photo!
It reminds me of a 6 year old girl who said to me, with her beautiful eyes, do you have to take a photo? can't you see I'm busy here???
This is a great photo- oh, I said that already.

teddybearswednesday said...

what a wonderful idea about the plants!
Great photo too, i think i felt that about school when I was his age xo

Ms.Tips said...

Happy back to school! it's an exciting but nerve rocking time of the year for both kids and parents. I love that they get to bring plants, what a cute idea!!