fox and owl vintage!

Hey!  Did I tell you I opened a vintage shop on Etsy?  Well I did!  I opened Fox and Owl Vintage several weeks ago after talking about doing it for years.  I was kind of waiting to "announce" it until I had a chance to fill it up a bit more, but things are selling already and it sometimes takes me a little while to list my treasures.  The shop will be a small collection of carefully curated vintage toys, dolls and kid's clothes mostly...but not exclusively.  If you have a little girl, you are in luck because this will be my vintage-girls-clothes-obsession-outlet!

I'm in the process of listing a few more things this weekend...here is a little sneak peek!


birthday bears

I finished my nephew Arthur's bear (the little guy in the blue sweater) in time for his birthday party last week.  I'm really happy with the way he turned out.  As I mentioned before, I like this bear so much, I've decided to use him as a model for a custom birthday bear offering.

I started making jointed toys because I wanted to make a special present for my son for his birthday a couple of years ago.  I quickly became totally enamored with he process and the results, and things unexpectedly took off from there.  I really like this bear because the pattern I came up with is very similar to the pattern I drafted for that first bear...just a bit smaller and with a few little adjustments.  Making a special toy for a kid's birthday makes me really happy.  I just want to capture that joy over and over again!

Click here or on the image of the birthday bears in the sidebar for ordering information. 


one last look

I took a moment to take a few pictures inside our old garage last week.  I loved these old movie posters on the walls, and the wood was so dark and lovely.  Of course it had it's problems:  mainly that it was tiny and falling apart.  So that's why...

We had it demolished!  

As you can imagine it was a very exciting day here.  This week the foundation will be poured for our new garage & studio!  Yeah!


little details

 Inspired by vintage crib toys:  A little wooden bead friend for Arthur's Birthday Bear!


party hat

I'm working on my very favorite kind of project today... a birthday bear for someone I love.  My nephew Arthur is about to turn one and I want to make him a bear to grow up with.  Making a special toy for a kid's birthday is such happy work to do, and I like Arthur's bear so much I've decided to use his as a model for a Custom Birthday Bear offering.  I'm still working out the details but I hope to have them available for order starting sometime next week!    


today in the studio

My temporary studio.  I'm calling it that now because even though it will be some time before I can actually move in, building permits have been acquired, and this new studio business I keep talking about is really going to happen. 

I'm finishing up this custom bear today and got to use some of these wonderful little vintage buttons I just got.  I spend quite a bit of time sourcing materials...like tiny vintage buttons for little overalls, shoe buttons etc.  I find a fair amount locally and also buy things on Etsy or Ebay but these are buttons I got at a store that just opened across the street from my house!!  How lucky am I?  A cute shop called Digs Studio sells a nice selection of fabrics, yarns, ribbon and vintage buttons!  And now when I need a spool of thread I wont have to get in my car and drive to some terrible huge craft store and be assaulted by the odor of heavily scented pine cones, or get glitter all over myself because I walked down the fake flower isle.  I'll just skip on over to Digs Studio!


first day of school...ever!

He could not have been more ready. 


not napping

last look at summer

Images 1.  and 2.  at The Minnesota State Fair,  3.  Cousins!  4.   Dyed mohair bear parts drying in the sun, 5.   Costumes everyday for Jude, 6.   Incredible self portrait by one of my students (age 13), 7.   Fourth of July, near Stockholm, WI.


on her radar!

Something exciting came in the mail for me:  Bex from Stuffed Nonsense was kind enough to send me this clipping from the London ObserverOn My Radar:  Donna Wilson's Cultural Highlights.  There's my logo, right there in the center along with mentions of Misako Mimoko and Lili Scratchy!  What an amazing honor to be mentioned by Ms. Wilson who's work I very much admire along with those two talented women.  I'm blushing. 

See Donna Wilson's work here and read her blog here .


back to school

Oscar went back to school today.  This was the most relaxed and happy looking expression I could get out of him;  not the photo I was hoping to get perhaps, but it is true to life.  He's happy to go back I know, but he worries too. Jude starts next week.  He really wanted to start today too but the youngest kids get phased in after the returning kids settle in a bit and learn how to be gracious and courteous to the new little ones in their class.

Each child in the Children's House get to bring a plant on their first day to put in the classroom.  Contributing something to the room, and being responsible for caring for it is a nice transitional tool for entering (or re-entering) the classroom at the start of the year. Such a smart idea.

I have so many pictures of summery things I meant to post here and never did.  I think maybe a Summer Photo Leftovers Montage is in order!


north woods

Benji's parents (my in-laws) took us to their favorite camping spot, in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota last week.  It was our first time camping in the Boundary Waters, and our first time doing any real camping (not car camping) with both boys.

This area of the Boundary Waters experienced a big fire just a few years ago.  It's truly an awesome experience to see it just a couple of years later, the burnt tree trunks still standing but so much new growth coming up.  The weather was so nice up there:  a little cool and cloudy, with bits of warm sun during the day.  The nights were perfectly chilly (the best!) and we could hear wolves talking to one another each night. 


dog days

We are home.  Our camping trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area was pretty amazing.  I started going through my photos from the trip today and just got kind of overwhelmed....there are so many.  The last few days of summer are slipping away and I want to spend them doing not much at all (like these two).