We have a new little friend living in our house...meet Sailor the parakeet.  We are still getting to know each other but the boys are so kind and sweet to her, it's amazing to watch.  By the way, you can't determine the sex of a parakeet until he or she is older (and Sailor is still quite young) but I made the executive decision that she is a girl.  A little girl bird baby. 


arteriole said...

Ah. The girl/boy mystery! I have a cockatiel whose colouring is so bright, I automatically assumed it was a boy, and named it appropriately. Then *he* laid an egg! Luckily, giving boys names to girls is very trendy right about now - so it didn't hurt her feelings =)

* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

Ohhh! Congrats on your *new* addition! ;D

What a beautiful photo!

MALINIK said...

Wow, he/she is such a cutie!Love it
malinik :D

Ms.Tips said...

she's so pretty! congratulations on finally having a girl (hehe)!!