time capsule

I bought this vintage velvet blazer for Oscar years ago...in fact I think he was still a baby when I found it but I figured it was worth waiting for him to grow into it.  It's been hanging in his closet  ever since and today he wore it for the first time.  When I looked inside the pocket this morning I found these treasures from long ago.  Did Mike wear this blazer on his first day of school?  To a Christmas party?  I bet there is a picture out there somewhere...how I wish I could see it!

A bit about Oscar's outfit:  If I saw a five year old wearing an outfit this cool I'd probably assume that the poor kid's mom was dressing him up like a tiny hipster to make herself look cool, or in the hopes of grooming her son into a rock star or some nonsense.  I swear I had nothing to do with this skinny jeans, velvet blazer, wolf t-shirt combo!  The kid has taste, that's all. 


* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

Heehee, ofcourse he's got good taste cause he's your son! ;)

Love the blazer!

Ms.Tips said...

man, he looks so cool. Don't you love it when you find treasure in your vintage clothes pockets/purse? Once I found $25.00 inside of vintage purse that I got for $12.00. I felt like I won a million $ :) I wish we could find this little Mike and gave his treasures back, don't you?