easter parade

 My little collection of vintage Easter fowl.  

We are dyeing eggs today with my sister and her family.  I spent some time looking for egg dyeing ideas on the Martha Stewart website last night.  There are so many great ideas there...natural dyes, stencils, various resist methods....but in the end I just bought some good ol' Paas.  If you don't end up seeing pictures of them here you can just assume they look like all the other Paas-dyed eggs in the world!

Happy Easter!


* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

So wonderful...!!! Ohh!!!
Hope you have a lovely Easter!

teddybearswednesday said...

SOOOO cute! Happy Easter Erika! xo

Mary Daniels said...

i love your new look. congrats.

Holly said...

those vintage chicks are killing me. I have a total weak spot for all things chicken.

misako mimoko said...

you have a super lovely collection! loooove the vintage fowls of the first picture