beautiful day

We had the loveliest Easter Sunday.  I feel like we should really just call it Spring Fest, or All Rabbits Day or The End of Winter as our celebration is totally secular. Our Paas dyed eggs ended up looking great!  I like the tie dyed ones the best I think.

Today I'm making a mouse and a bear and dreaming of a new studio...


easter parade

 My little collection of vintage Easter fowl.  

We are dyeing eggs today with my sister and her family.  I spent some time looking for egg dyeing ideas on the Martha Stewart website last night.  There are so many great ideas there...natural dyes, stencils, various resist methods....but in the end I just bought some good ol' Paas.  If you don't end up seeing pictures of them here you can just assume they look like all the other Paas-dyed eggs in the world!

Happy Easter!


wild animal

Jude is the fox. 

This picture was taken a little while ago.  Today there was a serious art/ mess situation on the kitchen floor, a pencil in the toilet (he explained that he didn't know where the pencil sharpener was so...?), a nap tantrum, dinner refusal and more stuff that doesn't really matter but can drive a person crazy when it's all packed into one day.  Two is easy street compared to three if you ask me.


new face

I have something exciting to share with you...

A new face for Fox and Owl.  Just look at my beautiful new business cards and hang tags!  All designed by my friend the very talented illustrator and designer, John Vogt.  Check out his blog and prepare to get inspired.

I've been doing a lot of fiddling around here on my blog, sorry if it's making you dizzy!  Spring feels like the right time to tidy up and start fresh.  I've got it just about where I want it but you may see a couple of random posts from me like an "about me" page and a "toy gallery" page as I try to make this blog a smooth running machine.

this is happening

It's hard to be crabby about something so beautiful, but it's been a terribly long winter and we are all ready for the real spring to begin.


image quality

I've been struggling with image quality here on my blog lately.  I'm confused because sometimes the images look very crisp and nice and other times (like in the last post) they look kind of, well...crappy.  I've tried different approaches to sizing, importing through Picasa (which is what I used to do) but I can't find any rhyme or reason to it. Clicking on the pictures shows them as they should look but I can't get that same quality on the blog itself.  I think it all started when I switched to this new template...or when I got a new camera...or when I switched to the new and recommended editor???  Do any of you lovely bloggers out there have any tips for me?


little worlds

We made terrariums with one of my favorite moms and her two wonderful boys.  Thank you Z, M and E for having us in your amazing home!  Here is a really good resource for making terrariums.


New American Paintings

These last few weeks have been really busy and exciting with all the hard work and anticipation of the shop update, getting ready for our first trip without our kids and of course I'm still teaching too.  In the midst of all that I got some really exciting news:  My drawings are going to be included in the critically acclaimed periodical New American Paintings!  I'm thrilled but of course also experiencing my default response to great news of this sort...anxiety. I feel like I need to make a bunch of new work to have on hand as I have sold several of my last group of drawings.  

A few years ago when I was a new mom I had sort of a professional crisis.  Painting and drawing had been going pretty well but somehow when I became a mom that work seemed to lose a lot of it's meaning for me.  I was making toys for my son and getting back into sewing little animals and dolls, an interest of mine since I was a child.  I got a lot of joy from toy making and I wanted to do more with craft than just making things for my own kids.  Not wanting to give up on drawing and painting I decided to pursue both my art and my craft in a kind of casual way.  I was still at home with my kids (and still am) and felt like it was a good time for me to explore my options.  I assumed that in time it would become clear to me which direction was best...toy making or art.  That's not really how it has worked out.  Now I feel like I'm a bit overextended in all areas and I'm still not sure what to do.  I'm feeling now like it's time for me to make some drawings. 

THAT SAID I also found out this past week that Fox and Owl has been accepted as a vendor for the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco this July!  So I guess what that means is first of all, I've clearly got the luck of the Irish.  Also that it's going to be another busy summer.  This past update will be the last big group of toys in my shop for a while as I finish up some custom work, make pieces for Renegade and do some drawings.


shop update

It feels good to have something in my shop again! Here are a few of the pieces I don't think I've really shown you yet. Thanks for all the encouragement and interest in my toys. I really appreciate it.

some favorite shots

<<<<<<< n o o n t o d a y >>>>>>>



Tomorrow is the day!  Lots of springtime cuties will be in my shop tomorrow starting at noon CST.  All the fun making parts are done...now I have to list everything which takes ages and is not nearly as enjoyable.

Our trip was beautiful and super relaxing.  I came home to two happy children and an incredibly clean house.  Thank you MG!!


getting ready

I have been working like crazy trying to get everything done for this shop update before I leave for Mexico in a couple of days.  To tell the truth I have a pretty insane amount of stuff on my plate at the moment but I think I just barely have a handle on it.  In addition to the shop update (On Monday April 11th 12pm CST) I have some other exciting developments to share soon too...cliff hanger!

I won't be here for the next several days on account of I'll be drinking margaritas on a beach with my man!  Bye!