all about pandas

My son Jude will be celebrating his third birthday this weekend.  These are the invites I came up with for the boy who is currently all about pandas.  Really these should have gone out about two weeks ago but we all lost a lot of time to illness around here.  If you EVER hear me take an obstinate attitude towards being sick again,  please remind me that this only makes matters worse!


meg said...

these are adorable. and I know exactly what you mean about the sickness thing. I always complain about other whiny sick people, but then it bites me in the butt and suddenly I'm the whiny one.

misako mimoko said...

love this panda invite! hehe
we've been both working on paper puppets! what a coincidence!! :D
Hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend ♥

★ ★ ★ Happy birthday Jude!! ★ ★ ★

jenn said...

this invitation is genius!! Happy B'day to Jude!