snow globe...and a present for you!

What a day for a birthday party! Oscar turned five today and we are living in a real world snow globe up here. We have had well over a foot of snow today and it's still falling (and blowing). In true Minnesota spirit, most of Oscars friends made it to the party, and despite missing a few pals the kid had a great day. We made snow globes for a little craft project...so cute! There are several online resources for this project but I found mine on Martha Stewart.

I'm sorry to have been so absent here this past week. Life has been busy with work and family demands. I've been working on a couple toys for a new store opening soon...more on that later.

Etsy has added a new coupon feature so I thought I'd give you dear (and patient) readers a little present. Starting now, enter the code SNOWGLOBE at the time of checkout and receive a ten percent discount on everything in my shop! This will be for a limited time and I'll announce it in the shop on Monday.


naomi said...

oh, we never get snow here :(
But I did make snow globes just like that as a child- so thanks for jogging my memory! My kids would love this activity.

LittlePerson said...

I have to say you're really inspiring to me. I've never ever thought of making my own snow globe in this way .That's incredible!