He's my new favorite( the newest bear is almost always my favorite). He's got kind of a burly body shape but as you can see from his bow tie he's quite the dandy.

I'm loving the old fashioned googly-looking glass eyes I used for the "brother" bear I posted a little while ago but those are a little tricky...the black pupils are sometimes placed kind of funny making it tough to find a pair that works. These are old china buttons where I've painted on the pupils.

I'm working on two more bears using this new pattern for my boys; my very favorite kind of project!


GrayFlannel said...

he is so cute!

Evie said...

so adorable. i love that you used old china buttons for the eyes. your bears are so special!

trieste said...

You are killing me (in a good way) with your creations. Congrats on hitting it big time with Martha!

rebecca said...

I am in love with those gorgeous eyes!!

louisa said...

He's amazing! There's definitely something special about this cutie :0)