inspiration: Richard Scarry

Nobody draws cuter rabbits than Richard Scarry...or bears or mice or wild boars for that matter. I was thinking about his rabbits when I made two new ones this week. I feel like I should have gotten more done but with two sick kids and a broken sewing machine for much of the week I guess I did alright. The rabbits are almost done now and next week I'll be making more Play Bears and Play Rabbits.

And I got a new sewing machine!!


bybido said...

I've always wanted to come up with a perfect bunny pattern (for me) and have looked at those same pictures! Someday, someday.

Yours look adorable, as always :).

meg said...

he's got some good elephants too. Are you going to make the bunny a little sailor suit!!

mimi k said...

I've been looking at Richard Scarry this week too!

teddybearswednesday said...

Your new bunny is BEAUTIFUL! And quite Richard Scarry.
I love his illos too xo