papier mache

Do you remember when I mentioned that one of my dolls was off on a trip to London? Well the doll didn't end up making it big but two of my bears did...

I am truly honored to be featured in the newest issue of Papier Mache magazine! The whole issue is so gorgeous and really it's quite surreal to see my work amongst so many whom I admire. Honestly, I don't know how these thing happen...

Many thanks to Papaier Mache magazine and Emma Cassi.

I'm on pages 107 and 108 in Emma's editorial!


travel companions

Another example of my toys getting to go on a cooler vacation than I do. These two are off to the Big Apple!



We went to a wonderful wedding in the woods last weekend (on our own sixth wedding anniversary) and stayed up north a few extra days to camp. It was a lovely trip but I must say that going to a wedding, celebrating a wedding anniversary and camping are three things made quite different by having two little kids in tow!

We are home now and I'm steeling myself for a very intense month of art making ahead.


inspired by...

...pink pants.

I've had these amazing little pink doll pants in my stash for a while now. I'd hoped they would work for a doll but they didn't fit quite right so I designed a long and lanky bear to wear them instead.

Her name is Anna and she is in my Etsy shop.



It feels really hot here today and so very humid. This weather makes it really hard to do anything at all. I'd like be like this cicada and crawl right out of my skin...all fresh and green! We have been finding a lot of these in our backyard this year...I like the sound of their singing.


two bear friends

These two little bears have been keeping me company in my studio this summer but I decided it was time to put them in my Etsy shop. Good luck boys!



Hey look! One of my rabbit brooches is in the newest issue of Babiekins Magazine! Okay, look harder, really look, down there in the lower left hand corner. yep, there it is. Not a prominent spot but still I'm honored to be included especially in the same issue as such talented ladies as her, and her, and her. Thanks Babiekins!


I like this one

Here is my (pretty much) completed drawing I'm calling "Dream Quilt". Normally it takes me some time to come up with titles but this one was titled in my mind before I even started it. I'm really happy with it but this photo really illustrates the need for a good camera AND some photography skills when it comes to documenting artwork. The pattern in this piece is based off of the "flying geese" quilt pattern.

Someday I really hope to have the patience to make a real quilt!