I took this sweet old dog home from the thrift store the other day. He seems to be home made and extremely well loved. He has felt backed shoe button eyes still firmly in place despite his age and all the love he has endured. His nose is mohair but his body is made of a really nice soft fabric- I'm not sure what it's called. I've seen it referred to as "cotton frotté" although I think that might be the German name? I've looked for it before but with no luck. it's kind if like a longish matted cotton terrycloth. Anyway, I'm not sure why I buy these old toys all the time...NOBODY in this house needs any more toys but I guess I feel like they deserve to be rescued.

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teddybearswednesday said...

Oh He is beautiful. ANd I'm so glad you took him home.
He needed you and perhaps you needed him too.
You can never have too many toys in my opinion no matter your age. I think his name is Desmond. Or Doug. SOmething with D.