I took this sweet old dog home from the thrift store the other day. He seems to be home made and extremely well loved. He has felt backed shoe button eyes still firmly in place despite his age and all the love he has endured. His nose is mohair but his body is made of a really nice soft fabric- I'm not sure what it's called. I've seen it referred to as "cotton frotté" although I think that might be the German name? I've looked for it before but with no luck. it's kind if like a longish matted cotton terrycloth. Anyway, I'm not sure why I buy these old toys all the time...NOBODY in this house needs any more toys but I guess I feel like they deserve to be rescued.


dream quilt

While looking for images of quilt patterns for a drawing I'm working on I came across this image here that is part of a flickr set belonging to movinghands. Follow the link for more photos including closeups and other images from the Tokyo International Quilt Festival. I think it is the smartest and most amazing quilt I've ever seen! And as an added bonus it's made entirely of liberty of London fabrics collected by the maker for over thirty years. Sadly I could not find the name of the quilter/artist/craftsperson/genius who made it. Bravo to you whoever you are!


perfect summer day

Of course no day is really perfect right? but looking at the photos I got from our blueberry picking excursion to Wisconsin in the mist today I think I'll remember it as pretty much perfect.

We went here as we have for the past several years and picked ten pounds of blueberries in not much time. Our freezer is full for the year!


play bear

My first attempt at a bear like the play rabbit. I like the summery linen pants. How I love working on new toy patterns!


herbs and berries

That's what we are growing in our home garden this year. This has been our first time growing strawberries. They are very hearty and bearing lots of fruit. The only trick is keeping the birds and squirrels away. I'd never been all that big on strawberries in the past because I really don't like the taste of them when they are bruised at all. Picking them right from our garden they are always perfect and warm with the sun's energy. There's nothing better!


parting ways

I sent both of these dolls off in the mail yesterday. The one on the left is to be a special toy for a lucky little girl which makes me very happy. The one on the right is on a trip to London. When she gets back I'll let you know if anything exciting happened to her along the way!


teens painting

Scenes from my teen painting class that just ended:

I've got another month of teaching and then, in theory at least I'll be able to concentrate (ha!) on my own work. This summer has been really busy but also fun and exciting with some new projects and opportunities emerging.


4th of July

Happy Independence Day Fellow Americans!