bits and pieces

Jude's bear seems to have sneaked into the drawing I'm working on right now. I'm not ready to show finished pieces to the world yet because quite frankly I'm not sure if they suck or not. Until I've (hopefully) decided I like them alright I'll just give you little peeks of them okay?

Making art for a show is always kind of a nerve racking process for me but this show is especially scary. These pieces are for a show I'm having with three other artist at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts so I can't help reminding myself that these drawings are going to be IN A MUSEUM!

*stressful sigh*

Okay, back to work.


nautical phase

Oscar is really into ships right now. This viking ship decorated the gift he brought to a birthday party today. I must admit I have been (rather impatiently) waiting for him to get into drawing "things" so this new interest in drawing is a very pleasing turn of events for me. Kids...always doing stuff at their own pace!



Remember these guys? Well not long after we brought them home from the park they started the fascinating process of making cocoons and a couple weeks later....voila! Moths!

Have a lovely weekend!


hand dyed

This little bear is my new favorite. he was an experiment in hand dyed mohair...so so fun. Also, I finally found a good use for my french knitter- a tiny scarf!


lucky one

This little guy could not ask for a better home! I finished a bear too and I'll show you that next time but now it's back to drawing!


kustom kitten*

I'm taking a couple days off from drawing to work on a couple of custom toy orders. It's really fun to be sewing again- I've missed it.

In other news, rain, rain and more rain AND...my kids are BOTH spending the night at my mom's house tonight!

*Sorry about the title of this post...I couldn't help myself.


beautiful faces

These are a few of the gorgeous paintings that came out of one of the painting classes I taught last summer. These self portraits were done by students ages 15-17.

I think these paintings are really amazing because Looking at them makes me remember what it felt like to be a teenager. It's my favorite age group to teach.


happy toast

Oscar found a face in his toast...once you start looking they're everywhere!


last day of school

Oscar is enjoying his last day of school today and I'm enjoying my last semi-quiet morning and getting some drawing done. It's going to be a busy summer!