Happy Mother's day Dear Mothers, especially my own mom who is my constant supporter and inspiration (pictured above with me and my dad looking foxy in 1976).

I never would have imagined how immensely joyous and also challenging being a mom could be until I became one myself- Thank you also to my beautiful sons who love me despite my short comings...I'm very lucky.


Zoe said...

They're very lucky, too.
Happy mother's day to you, Erika, you are a great one!
Oh, and this photo is fantastic.

Alison said...

What a great picture! You are an absolutely wonderful mother and your boys know that:) I have already learned a lot from you and can't wait to learn more. Oh, you're also the best big sister any girl could ask for:)

Mary Daniels said...

well, I think I learn more from you two than I could ever teach you!
Look at you- a sweetheart, who your dad and I adored.

naomi said...

so much warmth and love in this photo, just beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful mothers day.