another play rabbit

This was the prototype for the play rabbit I showed you a while back. This version has old shoe button eyes which are my favorites. The newer version has safety eyes which are also super cute and are more practical from a toy safety perspective I guess.

Jude swallowed a button once. It was not from a toy but just one he found around the house. It came out without event. I've often wondered how this button eye thing with toys got to be such a big deal. I mean kids have buttons on their clothes, and the world is full of little things kids can put in their mouths (rocks?) right?

Have you been to the Handmade Toy Alliance blog/ website? it's a good place to go to get the latest news about the CPSIA (Consumer Product safety Improvement Act) which sounds like a good thing but is really very problematic.


caterpillars: to keep or not to keep

A Photo Essay


good days

We had a string of really cold wet days here but last Friday the sun started shining again and we have been enjoying the most glorious weather ever since. Friday was also an exciting day as I was delighted to have been asked to join an amazing group of women for my first ever blogger meet-up! Now this is something I would normally shy away from having some rather hermit-like tendencies, but I could not refuse an invitation by one of my favorite artists/doll makers Mimi Kirchner. Mimi's work is so inspiring, I'm especially fond of her tattooed circus men...someday I must have one! I truly enjoyed talking art, crafts, thrifting and kids with Mimi, Kristin, Susan and Susan's daughter Hannah. Many thanks to Kristin for hosting us all at her lovely home.

Once again plants continue to bloom like crazy in the garden, most notably the tree peonies which are ridiculously huge and beautiful. I brought just one of the flowers inside and it fills the room with the sweetest and also kind of peculiar fragrance. Just look at the size of it!

I also got my hands on a great book Made with Passion. It's filled with images of American Folk Art from an exhibition of the Hemphill collection at the the National Museum of American Art. Fuel for my Art Fire.

And my own work for my upcoming exhibition continues to come along although at a rather painfully slow pace!

(detail of untitled and unfinished work)

Here's to more sun-filled days, stimulating conversation, good reads and hopefully even more productive days!


speaking of sweaters...

...someone is looking lovely in this little vintage number today.

It's Leroy! Yes, those are his typical sitting styles...he's very special.


family blues

It's cold and rainy here today...definitely sweater weather.

From Make It Yourself, 1973



Happy Mother's day Dear Mothers, especially my own mom who is my constant supporter and inspiration (pictured above with me and my dad looking foxy in 1976).

I never would have imagined how immensely joyous and also challenging being a mom could be until I became one myself- Thank you also to my beautiful sons who love me despite my short comings...I'm very lucky.


dressed up

I sent this bear off to his new home a few days ago. The lovely woman who bought him thought he needed an extra little something to wear so we decided on a nice felt vest. As long as he was getting dressed up I decided to add this little bunch of vintage millinery flowers and a pretty little covered button pinned on his new vest. Being basically a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, and generally preferring my work to be clean an un-fussy I don't usually like a lot of "extras" but I must say, I think this little guy looks pretty handsome!


happy boy's day!

It's Boy's Day! In our house we spend this day celebrating the general awesomeness of boys and making Japanese food. Last year I took pictures of us making Onigiri and posted a link to a recipe. You can see that here. Hooray for boys!


student work: animal spirit masks

I'm putting together a portfolio of images of student works and came across these animal spirit masks from a class I taught along with my friend Megan a few years ago. I'm gearing up for a busy summer of teaching and looking back on these masks and all the other amazing work of the students I've had over the years is getting me pretty excited.