time flies...

...especially when you are outside all the time enjoying the most glorious springtime ever. I've been outside playing too much to post much here this past week so here is my week in pictures:

Oscar made me a flower out of pipe cleaners. It MUST be hung on the handle of the refrigerator at all times!

I had an eye exam in which my pupils were dilated to the size of nickles. I got to wear my biggest, darkest shades all day. I have some new glasses on the way that I'm really excited about...more on those another day.

It looks much more like June than April in our garden. One of my very favorite plants, the Helleborus, is in full bloom and my ferns are starting to poke out. It's really very exciting.

And my mom sent me home with these glorious tulips and daffodils today from her garden. Somebody please remind me to plant more bulbs in my garden this fall!

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jen said...

it's all so beautiful- and Oscar- ohhhh Oscar.
miss you all,