ready, set, go!

The sewing machine has been put away for the time being and the paper and paints are finally out. I have an exhibit comming up in a few months and I've been meaning to start on making the work for it for some time now. The first phase of my art making process is always so agitating and even scary for me. I don't know what I want the new work to be about and I usually have this loooooong incubation period where I feel like I'm doing nothing but spinning my wheels. Happily, I feel like I'm finally through Phase I and now I'm on to Phase II: actually putting pencil to paper...what a relief!

I've been kind of worried about how to make this work (at my dining room table) and keep my kids from...well...messing it up. Oscar sometimes is struck by the sudden urge to make marks on something and often will use what ever materials I've left out on the table. In the hopes of keeping his marks off my art I've set him up with his own surface to paint on at the table. I'm going to try to put out pencils and paint for him whenever I'm working and then if inspiration strikes him he has a place to let it out. With Jude however I'll just pretty much be playing defense. Wish me luck!


Megan said...

Yay! You can do it! Can't wait to see your new work.

Alison said...


Meyer-Lavigne said...

We wish you good luck with phase 2. We have just finished our work for an exhibition here in Copenhagen and we are absolutely drained.