We had a rainy weekend and both kids are sick with colds so crafts were in order. My panda feels lucky to be in the company of Oscar's wolves.


two projects

Two great textile projects I'd really like to try:

The Puff Daddy from Pickles. I'm planning an overhaul of the boys room and I'm going to need two of these!

This lovely weaving project is from Fem Manuals. I saw it this weekend at the always inspiring Fine Little Day where there are links to more photos and instructions.


warby parker

Have you heard about the amazing glasses company Warby Parker? If not, here are some reasons why they totally rule:

1. Their frames are really good looking.
2. All their glasses are $95 WITH LENSES.
3. For every pair of glasses you buy, they donate a pair to someone who needs them.
4. Their customer service is excellent.
5. They have a nice website where you can virtually try on glasses OR they will mail you frames to try on. For free!
6. Shipping on your order is free.

This company makes me so happy. I'd been putting off getting badly needed new glasses because I was anticipating having to pay between $400-$500. But instead, I got two pairs (the other ones are a sensible black pair) with super thin lenses (an extra $30 a pair because I have pretty terrible vision) for $250. It so fun to have two pair to choose from AND to not feel like I just got fleeced. Spread the word...it's a revolution! www.warbyparker.com

Wow, two pictures of my face here on this blog in a week...this is not likely to happen again any time soon!


up for auction

I'm dropping this little bear cub off at Oscar's school today for their annual auction this weekend. I think he has a good chance of becoming a child's treasured toy....I really hope so! I decided some time ago to donate him so he has been with me the longest of all my bears. I must say I'm going to kind of miss him. When I have time to do more sewing I think I'm going to have to work with this pattern again...I think a little black bear cub would be nice or maybe a sunny yellow???


Style Collective

Many thanks to Priscila Barros of Babiekins Magazine for featuring one of my Brooches in her contribution to Australian online magazine Style Collective!

Alice in Wonderland Kids Clothing and Toys


time flies...

...especially when you are outside all the time enjoying the most glorious springtime ever. I've been outside playing too much to post much here this past week so here is my week in pictures:

Oscar made me a flower out of pipe cleaners. It MUST be hung on the handle of the refrigerator at all times!

I had an eye exam in which my pupils were dilated to the size of nickles. I got to wear my biggest, darkest shades all day. I have some new glasses on the way that I'm really excited about...more on those another day.

It looks much more like June than April in our garden. One of my very favorite plants, the Helleborus, is in full bloom and my ferns are starting to poke out. It's really very exciting.

And my mom sent me home with these glorious tulips and daffodils today from her garden. Somebody please remind me to plant more bulbs in my garden this fall!


ready, set, go!

The sewing machine has been put away for the time being and the paper and paints are finally out. I have an exhibit comming up in a few months and I've been meaning to start on making the work for it for some time now. The first phase of my art making process is always so agitating and even scary for me. I don't know what I want the new work to be about and I usually have this loooooong incubation period where I feel like I'm doing nothing but spinning my wheels. Happily, I feel like I'm finally through Phase I and now I'm on to Phase II: actually putting pencil to paper...what a relief!

I've been kind of worried about how to make this work (at my dining room table) and keep my kids from...well...messing it up. Oscar sometimes is struck by the sudden urge to make marks on something and often will use what ever materials I've left out on the table. In the hopes of keeping his marks off my art I've set him up with his own surface to paint on at the table. I'm going to try to put out pencils and paint for him whenever I'm working and then if inspiration strikes him he has a place to let it out. With Jude however I'll just pretty much be playing defense. Wish me luck!


new project

It's a big one.

A bit bigger than we thought actually but it feels so good to work outside again. My cheeks are rosy and my muscles are sore and the kids are delighted by the huge piles or dirt!


lucky me

I bought some new art from Minneapolis artist Allen Brewer!

His work is so delightful....and the amount of work he is able to produce is amazing. See more of his work (and better images) here.


happy easter!


play rabbit

A very sweet customer of mine asked me a while back if I could make a velveteen rabbit for her son for Easter similar to a velveteen lamb I had made. I didn't feel I had time to come up with a new design in time for Easter. I made her a little mohair rabbit for her son instead but kept thinking about this velveteen rabbit idea. I had been wanting to do a new design for a toy that was more of a TOY and less of a collectors item...so this is what I came up with. It's kind of a hybrid I guess between that lamb I made a while back and the mohair pieces I've come to love making so much more recently. It's made of cotton velveteen and mohair and stuffed with lambswool. It's just the softest, most huggable toy and the lambswool stuffing gives it a perfect weight and sturdy feel. It's a bit late for an Easter present I guess but I'll be putting this Play Rabbit in the shop anyway.



We just spent three lovely days in Stockholm Wisconsin. One of the many wonderful things about the house we stayed at is the lack of screens...no computer, no television and that is always so refreshing.

This happy little shack is on the outskirts of Red Wing Minnesota. I've seen it a million times from the highway but finally stopped to take a picture today. If I ever need to build a shack it will look like this one for sure.