my darlings...

I'm so sorry I lost you.

Outbid in the very last minute...god I hate that.

new land of milk and honey

A few months ago I ran into my friend Brett at a coffee shop and asked him what he was up to. He casually told me he and some friends were starting a cult. Knowing Brett as I do I was neither shocked nor alarmed.

So it turns out The New Land of Milk and Honey is not only an experiment in communal living but also a show at The Soap Factory here in Minneapolis.
New Land of Milk and Honey
Here is a photo by Patrick Kelley of the performance last weekend. I'm so sorry to have missed it but happy to hear they will be doing their performance again on the closing night April 3rd.

Are these knits incredible or what? See more of Annie Lee Larson's work at her blog swank dollar as well as more photos of what looks like a pretty spectacular show.


sun's return

Each day we are gaining about three minutes of sunlight. It doesn't sound like much but it really feels very encouraging. My work space was so perfect today...warm and sunny and quiet except for the sound of This American Life. Have you heard the episode titled House on Loon Lake? It is so amazing. It makes me think about my own fascination with objects, especially ones with a history...even a history I don't know about.

This last photo is a picture of our Venus fly trap. It's been dying a slow death I think all winter but at least the moss in the terrarium is thriving. Maybe it will have a resurgence once the sun is in full force.


video games

Oscar made this video game inspired art with some old Elvis stickers I found in a drawer and gave him. He and his dad sometimes play video games together but only the oldies...Pac Man, Pole Position and the like. Somehow these old games seem so much less...um...evil to me than more modern ones.

You've got to love that vintage video game aesthetic...I think he totally nailed it. He always makes the most amazing things when I have absolutely nothing to do with it.



The bear on the left is a custom order I just finished today. The guy on the right is in the Etsy shop but I like him so much I don't mind if he sticks around for a while. I call him "Leo".

can you find him?

11:00pm, there he is under the desk...not sleeping.


happy valentine's day!

Oscar and I made 30 valentines for his classmates this year! I also made him this valentine with a drawing of him driving a red race car wearing a helmet and gloves...this was all specifically requested by Oscar...to hang up in the entryway of his school. Each parent makes a valentine for their child and the whole space is filled with them. It's really quite sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day to you! XOX ♥


just two more



brooch brooch brooch

Three new brooches in the Etsy shop today!


to my valentine

The Welcome Rabbit becomes a Valentine Rabbit and a valentine I once gave my sweetheart originally given to Flournce from Raynold in 1928.


for a young friend

This brooch was for Adeline. I'm working on making some more of these and putting them in the shop.



How I love browsing for fabrics at Superbuzzy. It's hard to justify a fabric purchase when you already have such a large stash but here are the new prints I just picked out...all Japanese...all pretty as can be.

if it seems like you have seen that elephant print here before it's because I'm kind of crazy about it and now have bought it in three different colors!



I found this beautiful necklace on Etsy made by Solis Jewelry. I'm going to wear it every day.

See the Etsy shop here and the blog here.


party time

Two birthday parties this weekend!

Oscar has discovered the joy of making fingerprint people. We made this wrapping paper together this morning. The present inside is decidedly NOT handmade...I'm sure the kid will love it as it involves cars and launching them or shooting them or blasting them or something.

Speaking of boys, I just ordered the book Raising Cain by Michael Thompson. I'm hoping it will give me some insight into these boys of mine (who are making me kind of crazy right now).

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


snow day

It's a beautiful warmish snowy day today. The kind of day that's good for playing outside. Mittens are drying on the radiators...what do people without radiators do with their wet wool mittens?

I want to stress that I did not knit these mittens...I'm really not much of a knitter. My mom is but I don't have the patience for it. I am good at finding things at the thrift store though. Can you imagine someone getting rid of a pair of beautiful hand knit mittens? That is just plain crazy if you ask me.


welcome rabbit

Something new in the Etsy shop...

I've been thinking about babies lately (nope not my own!) and imagined this little rabbit in a nursery...more pictures and information here.*

*this piece is now sold but I do have a couple other pieces in the shop.


and the winner is....

Thanks to all who left comments! In case you were wondering what's in it for me?...well it's just very nice to hear from some of you who visit this blog so thank you!

Have you been to Eva Monleon's blog Misako Mimoko yet? She makes some seriously adorable dolls over there. Go there now to see her little Umbrella Lady and it will be the cutest thing you have seen all day. Now the little brooch gets to travel to the very beautiful city of Barcelona! (Eva: you will find my email in my profile please send me your address okay?)