have you ever...

...made something with the intention of giving it to someone but selfishly kept it for yourself? I just could not give this sock monkey away, especially after Jude and I had a tea party with her. I gave her to myself as a birthday present because now I'm apparently a middle aged lady who has a sock monkey in her bedroom.

The tea party:

(And I did make another sock monkey for my mom for Christmas.)


Anonymous said...

So cute!! She looks good at drinking tea:)


Scoops said...

Ha, this is so awesome. Love it.

Colleen said...

i don't blame you one bit. love all the pompoms and the hat!

Mary Daniels said...

I love my sock monkey too! She has so much personality. She looks like maybe she smokes cigarettes or drinks sherry or both, something. But she would love to be invited to a tea party sometime-for now, she lives in Stockholm WI but may move up to Minneapolis soon.

Karen said...

She is so adorable. I don't blame you at all for wanting to keep her. Have you given her a name yet?

lili scratchy said...

It's sure You've to keep this wonderfull monkey!!!
Happy new year Erika!!
thank you for your visit:)
and see you soon!!!

misako mimoko said...

so cute and lovely... & funny pom poms!! I can really understand that you keep it! I think I would do the same.
and these pics of the tea party are gorgeous!!