my studio mates

I've had lots of studio mates over the years but these are definitely the silliest. I love working at our big dining room table together. Like any studio arrangement this has it's advantages and drawbacks but when it's good it's really really good.

Oscar is going to help me draw a name out of a hat tomorrow afternoon when he gets home from school...we are both excited!



Just for fun...

I only have one of these brooches left... Now the last one seems lonely so I thought a giveaway was in order. Just leave a comment here and I'll draw a name the old fashioned way (out of a hat) on Monday February 1st... A celebration of the end of a long cold January! The winner will get the last brooch mailed to them!

Good luck and have a great weekend!


please braid my legs today

Sure thing buddy. I'd love to braid your legs today.


sail away

Oscar made this amazing boat. he keeps saying that I did all the "hard parts" (fixing the mast in place and tying on the sail) but I know that the inspiration and motivation are actually the hard parts...at least for me they are.

That's a soaring eagle on the sail!


toys from Mexico

I bought these toys for my kiddos in Mexico from a mother and daughter selling them near our little hotel. There was a big table filled with these beautiful creatures and it was almost impossible to choose!


get lucky

For those of you here in the Minneapolis area there is a benefit auction for SOO Visual Arts Center tomorrow night that promises to be a good time. Lots of great art has been donated and SOO VAC in my mind is certainly a worthy cause. For more information go to the SOO VAC website.

Awesome design work by my friend John Vogt.

This is the piece I donated. It's a fake terrarium made of felt. Wow, this picture really stinks.

This is a detail of another from the series. This one enjoys the good life in San Francisco now.

today in the shop

These three are now in the Etsy shop!


mustaches 50 meeters

I'm back from my brief but super relaxing trip to Mexico. Everything about it was perfect, especially the company. Tulum is beautiful and I love traveling with my sister. My kids survived without me for a few days and my husband rules...period.

Also, I have three new pieces I'll be putting in the Etsy shop this Friday around noon!


new pattern

This little bear cub is a new pattern I've been working on. He and a couple other pieces will be in the Etsy shop soon!


have you ever...

...made something with the intention of giving it to someone but selfishly kept it for yourself? I just could not give this sock monkey away, especially after Jude and I had a tea party with her. I gave her to myself as a birthday present because now I'm apparently a middle aged lady who has a sock monkey in her bedroom.

The tea party:

(And I did make another sock monkey for my mom for Christmas.)


grafitti attack!

Jude. An expression of boredom I guess. This is only the tip of the iceberg...in all I'd say he tagged about 10 places around the house before Oscar sounded the alarm. I wish I could say I had a sense of humor about it but I did not.

Have I mentioned I'm going to Mexico with my sister next week? My first trip away from my kids!


so so cold

It's really cold here. Right now it is zero degrees Fahrenheit...and it's been well below zero much of the time for the last week or so. It's not so bad if you wear the right clothes...lots of wool and some good boots are a must (I love my Steger mukluks- made here in Minnesota!) but it is kind of a drag with little kids. With wind chills as low as -20 this is really not playing outside weather so we have been trying to find lots of fun inside stuff to do. Clay is very popular at the moment as are tea parties

I'm looking forward to some ice skating weather.


jude's bear

I made this bear for Jude for Christmas. This was one of those projects where nothing works out as planned. Everything I did to this bear I did at least twice, sometimes many more times than that. I wanted to give up on it several times but now he seems just right. Because he has been through so much already he has the feel of a bear who's been loved for a long time. Jude seems to like him a lot because they have both been ending up in bed with me lately.