up late

I'm up too late tonight. Four years ago at this time I was on my way to the hospital to have Oscar. Little did I know I was still many many hours from giving birth. He was worth it...what an amazing person he is.

I have a special breakfast planned for tomorrow morning...

Tomorrow he will celebrate his big day at school too. These are the treats he will share. They have a beautiful way of celebrating birthdays at his school. I remember it from my days there.


Meg said...

Are they dried apricots? Yum!!

My birthday is in the middle of the summer holidays, so I was always very jealous of the kids who brought in treats to share with the class on their birthdays.

I hope Oscar has a great day. xx

Scoops said...

This birthday looks like it will be super awesome. 4 was a good year.

Mary Daniels said...

happy birthday to all of you! you and benji are wonderful parents to a super wonderful 4 year old. Hurray to all of you!
ps. the apricots tasted as good as they looked.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Look at all of that! It is all so wonderful Erika:) Nice work!!

Maggie Rose Muldoon said...

Hi, Erika,

What an awesome birthday Party you put together for Ocsar! Thanks for sharing it on your super blog. Wow, are your boys growing up fast. I miss seeing all of you.

Your toys and other creations are beautiful, too.

Love to all of you,