new year...new puppy!

In all the holiday hub bub somebody sneaked this puppy into our house! Okay, that's not really how it happened but he was kind of a surprise. The most popular thing to say upon learning of our new little bundle of joy is: "So, two kids and one dog wasn't enough for you?"

I guess not?

I hope you had a lovely holiday...ours was wonderful and I'm looking forward to a happy and productive new year!


jen said...

Congrats!!! how exciting- maybe I can come by and get a little dog love sometime??? I really miss having a dog- but I don't miss those mandatory walks in this Minn. winter.
Hey and Happy New Year!

Giselle said...

Can't wait to play with the pups!

Adaiha said...

Both dogs are adorable! Who doesn't love puppies?! :) Please post more pictures!