birthday bear

This is what Oscar's birthday bear ended up looking like when I gave it to him. He was nice and simple before but I guess I thought he needed a bit more personality. I added the little jacket with the trains to up my chances of Oscar loving him (how sad) and actually it suits him quite well I think. It's hard to compete for a four year old's attention in a world filled with cyborg Hotwheels shooters and submarines that have motors and actually dive....but now that the excitement has died down a bit I think he is a Loved Bear after all.

It seemed for a while that all my drawers and cupboards in my dining room/ studio were filled with these little bears and such but now they are all either wrapped up waiting to be opened Christmas morning or shipped off to live in new homes. A clean slate!

Oh, and I just realized this is my 100th post! 100!

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Doreen Frost said...

He's adorable!!! LOVE the little jacket!

So happy to hear that your drawers have been emptied and your sweet little bears are traveling to new homes!

Congratulations on your 100th post!

Take care, Doreen