new year...new puppy!

In all the holiday hub bub somebody sneaked this puppy into our house! Okay, that's not really how it happened but he was kind of a surprise. The most popular thing to say upon learning of our new little bundle of joy is: "So, two kids and one dog wasn't enough for you?"

I guess not?

I hope you had a lovely holiday...ours was wonderful and I'm looking forward to a happy and productive new year!


christmas time is here

Some of my favorite ornaments...

and check out these beautiful vintage Christmas images on flickr.

Happy Holidays!


birthday bear

This is what Oscar's birthday bear ended up looking like when I gave it to him. He was nice and simple before but I guess I thought he needed a bit more personality. I added the little jacket with the trains to up my chances of Oscar loving him (how sad) and actually it suits him quite well I think. It's hard to compete for a four year old's attention in a world filled with cyborg Hotwheels shooters and submarines that have motors and actually dive....but now that the excitement has died down a bit I think he is a Loved Bear after all.

It seemed for a while that all my drawers and cupboards in my dining room/ studio were filled with these little bears and such but now they are all either wrapped up waiting to be opened Christmas morning or shipped off to live in new homes. A clean slate!

Oh, and I just realized this is my 100th post! 100!


shop update

I've just updated my Etsy shop with three recent pieces:

For more photos and information please visit my Etsy Shop!


the party (is over)

Well the party is over and life is back to normal...except we have a house full of new toys and half a mountain (cake) in the refrigerator.

The craft project was fun. Have you ever seen a cuter robot? Or a more darling girl for that matter? This is one of Oscar's friends. In addition to being a total sweetheart, she puts together the most amazing outfits for herself.

Her Mother is pretty amazing too. She gave Oscar this beautiful cup she made. Check out Megan's work here. I especially love her tin can pieces.


up late

I'm up too late tonight. Four years ago at this time I was on my way to the hospital to have Oscar. Little did I know I was still many many hours from giving birth. He was worth it...what an amazing person he is.

I have a special breakfast planned for tomorrow morning...

Tomorrow he will celebrate his big day at school too. These are the treats he will share. They have a beautiful way of celebrating birthdays at his school. I remember it from my days there.


cut paper

Oscar and I made these cut paper creatures (and vehicles...of course!) over the past couple of days. I'm trying to figure out a fun craft activity for the kids at Oscar's birthday party without spending a lot of money on supplies. If his friends are half as into this project as Oscar and I have been it will be a total success. I got all the nice colored brads at Paper Source.


planning a party

Oscar's 4th birthday is this weekend! I was thinking about Richard Scarry's story "Chipmunk's Birthday Party" and especially the line "Mommies always have to work hard when they give birthday parties." Of course it could be made a lot easier but that's not really my style...

Oscar said quite a while ago that he wanted his birthday cake to look like a mountain...How cool is that? I'm definitely better at drawing than baking so here is what I'd like the cake to look like, we'll see how that goes.


thank you

To all my friends and family who came to the sale (and took care of my boys all day) thank you! You made the sale a success for me.

And thank you to the lovely woman who took home this little kitty too!


something for the kids

I made this pin for Oscar for his birthday...it's kind of a variation on the pin cushion I made him last year at this time. It has a vintage locket sewn on to it and its hat is made with a tattered old covered button. It was really fun to make and I do have quite an extensive button collection...so I made a bunch more for the sale tomorrow. Most don't have lockets but many ARE wearing necklaces!

They look nice on grown-ups too.


sale prep

I've been busy over the past few days getting ready for the sale this weekend...One of these little kittens will be there and also this kid's t-shirt I silk screened. I have a couple other things I'll post tomorrow.

The kids are sleeping...back to work!


a small bear

This little guy will be at the sale...

and some of these baby/ toddler pine cone and feather shirts too. This shirt is also available in my Etsy shop.