craft sale

I decided at the last minute to do a holiday craft sale...for fun (?). It's at Lake Country School this Saturday from 9am to 4pm. The address is 3755 Pleasant Ave. South. I'll be posting pictures over the next few days of some of the things I'll have for sale...screen printed baby stuff, toys, ornaments etc. I know you need an elf bootie with a tiny mouse inside... so come by and see me!



I love to see him concentrating like this. We have both been making a lot of work lately...and that's not always easy to do around here!


robot dog

I'm just telling you what Oscar told me: It's a robot dog.


i like you

For those of you in Minneapolis who have inquired about buying pieces, I brought a few things (some toys and also t-shirts and sweatshirts) over to the store i like you yesterday. If you haven't been yet you should check it out. They have a great assortment of only hand made things, most of which are made locally. Also, the two ladies who run the shop are super nice...I like them.


wild things

Have you seen the movie yet?


I meant to see it right away when it came out but haven't been yet. Some seem to like it others not so much.

If I wait a little longer I can see it here for $2! Check out the photos of The Riverview Theater here in Minneapolis...I love it.


race cars


nice to meet you

Subtle variations; a new bear and a new cat.



The kids and I spent a lovely weekend at my Mom's house in Stockholm Wisconsin a couple weeks ago. Stockholm is a little village on the Mississippi River with a population of about 94.

All normal activity has come to a halt in our house this week. Both kids are battling swine flu. The scary part seems to be over but the isolation continues....


presents presents presents

Christmas present making is under way. This little cat is in for a long journey. It's an adaptation of an older cat pattern... it looks so different with a jointed head and made of mohair. I've made a couple of adjustments for next time.



These are some sweet and sensitive boys...they love their babies. By the way, the irony that I lovingly hand craft toys for them but they love the plastic babies the best is not lost on me okay? Jude is really into tucking in his baby (and stuffed animals, and Playmobil figures and pretty much anything with a face) so I made him this little blanket and pillow set. And speaking of blankets, that gorgeous black and white blanket...My mom knit that!